A. Back rack weighted step ups, 12 total (5 each leg)x3; rest 1:30

B. Strict CTB chin ups(weighted if possible/supinated grip), 2-3x4; rest 1:30

* Sub negative chin ups 3 repsx4; rest 2 min (build from last session)

(15 min cap)

10 Hang squat clean 115#/75#

5 Bar muscle ups or 10 CTB pull ups or 10 Ring rows

35 Du's or 1 min of attempts

rest 1:30


C1. 10 band pull apartsx2

C2. 10 single sided banded lat pull downs



A. Ring muscle up tech

  (Group 1)- 5 for timex4; rest 1-2 min

  (Group 2)- A1.  Seated banded transitions, 3-4x4; rest :20 sec

                    A2.  Rings to hip, 4-5x4; rest 1 min

(Group 3)- A.  Box assist or partner assist pull ups, 2-4x4; rest 2 min


5-10 Strict pull ups/kneeling pull ups or kipping/butterfly pull up work

5-10 unbroken toes to bar

1 min AD@85-90% perceived effort

rest 3-5 min



                B1.  Overhead thoracic opener, :20 secx3

                B2.  Standing banded single sided lat activation drill 10 each sidex3





To be completed on this day for Mock Regional

-food prep

-warm up plan write up

-coold down plan write up

-workout strategy plan