To help you achieve your goals, CrossFit Athletics strives to find the most effective strength and conditioning protocols for General Physical Preparedness (GPP), the Sport of CrossFit, and the application of these principals for the Sport Specific Athlete. We do so through the continued pursuit, application, and testing of knowledge. 

Please read about our CrossFit, Foundations, Endurance, and Sport programs below to find the one that best suits your needs.


Our Foundations program is designed for those who have no prior CrossFit experience and must be completed before joining our regular CrossFit classes.

The program consists of 6 total sessions (1 hour each) where you, and a small group of other new members, work closely with a coach to learn foundational CrossFit movements, skills, and methodology in a hands-on manner.

After completing the program you will have the knowledge and skill base to move seamlessly in to our regular CrossFit classes.

The Foundations program spans 2 weeks and meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays at 7:00pm.

Click the link below to sign up, please specify in the Message section which starting date you would like.



Our CrossFit program is a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program that is designed for those who are looking to improve their fitness, develop lean muscle, lose body fat or both. In this program we utilize components of weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance protocols, and supplemental exercises to develop well rounded, enduring, strong, fit athletes.



Our Endurance program utilizes the same modalities as our CrossFit program, but the training is tailored to athletes who wish to compete or just enjoy events like 5k or 10k runs, Marathons, Row Races, Spartan Races, Mountain Bike Races, etc. We work to develop the adaptations necessary for these events (muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, aerobic power, etc) but also work to balance the athlete with strength and structural work.



We believe that where the search for true performance begins, that the pursuit of “health” is only necessary to the extent of being able to perform.

Our Sport program is one that is designed for those who are looking to be competitive within the sport of CrossFit. It is a higher volume design for those who are technically sound at all CrossFit movements. Athletes must test in to the program in a 1-on-1 personal session, with the test as follows:

A. Build to a Tough Snatch Single
B. Build to a Tough Clean and Jerk Single
C. Demonstrate Ring MU
D. Demonstrate Bar MU
Sport Program Test In (for time)
10m/8w Strict Unbroken Pull-Ups
10 Unbroken Overhead Squats @ 135m/95w
Run 400 meters
10 Ground-to-Overhead @135m/95w
20 Toes-to-Bar
Run 400 meters
Men - sub 7:20
Women - sub 7:40
If you are interested in testing in please contact